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Stan Meyer And His Fuel From Water Project

Born on August 24 1940, Stanley Meyer lived the majority of his life in the Columbus East Side territory, and moved to Grandview statures, where he went to secondary school and finished training. After his graduation from schooling, he joined the military and momentarily applied to Ohio State University. Since the time Stanley was in his youth, he was constantly resolved to construct something new. His twin sibling, Stephen Meyer, cited "We were continually assembling something, We went out and made our toys".

Meyer asserted that a vehicle retrofitted with the gadget could utilize water as fuel rather than gas. The water power device purportedly split water into its part components, hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen was then burned to produce energy, a cycle that reconstituted the water particles. As per Meyer, the gadget required less energy to perform electrolysis than the base energy prerequisite anticipated or estimated by regular science.

Stan Meyer fuel from water engine was excessively productive at the electrolysis stage to such an extent that less energy was utilized to part the water than to consume it once more. This violates at any rate one law of physical science in that energy can't be made or obliterated – it just changes to another form. Water can't be part utilizing less energy than the constituent parts give – truth be told it needs more.

Stanley Meyer kicked the bucket unexpectedly on March 20, 1998, while eating at a restaurant. His sibling guaranteed that during a gathering with two Belgian financial backers in a restaurant, Meyer abruptly ran outside, saying "They poisoned me". After an examination, the Grove City police went with the Franklin County coroner report that decided that Meyer, who had hypertension, passed on of a cerebral aneurysm. A portion of Meyer's allies accept that he was killed to smother his innovations. Philippe Vandemoortele, one of the Belgian financial backers, expressed that he had been supporting Meyer monetarily for quite a while and thought of him as a close companion, and that he does not understand where the bits of hearsay come from.




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